Speaker Sara De Gols

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Sara De Gols

Editor in Chief (Blacklist)

De Mensen

Hello! My name is Sara and, at this moment, I have been working for 12 years for television production company De Mensen.  Even though it is more than a decade, it feels like I started at the company only yesterday. At first, I worked as an editor for (live) talk and studio shows. These were though but very interesting times. I was young and ambitious, with one goal ahead: to be an editor in chief. In 2011 I’ve reached this goal. The summer of 2011, when I was editor in chief of a program for the first time, was one that I will never forgot. It costed the whole team blood, sweat and tears to successfully complete the show, but we did it! Nine years later I am still passionate about my job. 

Until 2017, I primarily worked on studio programs: quiz, entertainment, talkshows, … But I needed more change and wanted something else: to break out of the studio. In 2017 I worked on my first reality show. And in 2018, for the first time, I made my first children’s program: The Blacklist. For which we are now nominated for a Rockie Award. Last year, in 2019, I have been working on a daily reality program on general practitioners. 

Besides my job as an editor in chief, I also co-lead the development of new programs and shows. A challenging but interesting addition to my work as editor in chief!

Speaking on: Rockie Awards Roundtable: Children & Youth

At the Banff Media Festival, we met with Netflix and took a ride up Sulphur Mountain on the gondola. That’s where we made the pitch.
- Naveen Prasad, EVP and GM, Elevation Pictures


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