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David Walberg

Executive Director

Pink Triangle Press

David Walberg is executive director and CEO of Pink Triangle Press, Canada’s leading LGBTQ2S+ media group, and one of the world's longest running queer publishers. David is a serial entrepreneur and internet pioneer, as well as a writer, editor, publisher and producer who has made a significant impact on our world. Over three decades, David has worked to grow and lead a successful media enterprise that connects communities and inspires people to pursue a future where everyone is free to celebrate who they are. As executive producer, David won a Rockie Award at Banff in 2010 and was nominated for two other Rockies in 2014 and 2018.

Speaking on: Beyond the Frame: The Pink Paper’s Blueprint for 2SLGBTQ+ Representation

At the Banff Media Festival, we met with Netflix and took a ride up Sulphur Mountain on the gondola. That’s where we made the pitch.
- Naveen Prasad, EVP and GM, Elevation Pictures
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