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Tassie Cameron

Showrunner & Executive Producer

Cameron Pictures

Showrunner and executive producer on CityTV’s newest hit series, Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent, Tassie Cameron is an award-winning screenwriter and producer and is the co-founder of Toronto-based independent production company Cameron Pictures. She is known for Pretty Hard CasesMary Kills People, Rookie Blue, Ten Days in the Valley, FlashpointThe Eleventh HourDegrassi: The Next Generation and The Robber Bride.  Tassie was also an executive producer on Private Eyes, Nurses, and Little Dog.  Tassie lives in Toronto with her daughter Sadie and her dog Alice.

Speaking on: Meet a Showrunner or Director; Who Runs This Mutha: Showrunner Superpanel

At the Banff Media Festival, we met with Netflix and took a ride up Sulphur Mountain on the gondola. That’s where we made the pitch.
- Naveen Prasad, EVP and GM, Elevation Pictures
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