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Our Supporting Partners Include:

The Canada Media Fund (CMF), Canada's Indigenous Screen Office,
Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC)


Congratulations to the 2019 participants of the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative.

25 Pitch Program Participants

  • Sonya Ballantyne
  • Eric Baril
  • Caitlin Benton
  • Leah Cameron
  • Jesse Cardianl
  • Catherine Chagnon
  • Andree-Anne Frenette
  • Caitlin Fryers
  • Chantale Galimi
  • Sarah Goodman
  • Monique Hurteau
  • Joadie Jurgova
  • Beatrice King
  • Jonathan Lawrence
  • Judith MacInnes
  • Dianne Mahoney
  • Moniquea Marion
  • Sara Martins
  • Denis Paquette
  • Emily Pickering
  • Fanny Rainville
  • Lea Rondot
  • Kelly Saxberg
  • Marion Transetti
  • Roxann Whitebean

75 Professional Development Program Participants

  • Edline Andre-Roy
  • Andrea Bang
  • Maxime Beauchamp
  • Tamara Bell
  • Rachelle Bencze
  • Valerie Bissonnette
  • Josiane Blanc
  • Jamie Bourque
  • Ashley Brook
  • Brynn Byrne
  • Sarah Campbell
  • Miss Dany Chiasson
  • Sandy Chronopoulos
  • Dana Claxton
  • Wendell Collier
  • Mika Collins
  • Lauren Corber
  • Amber-Sekowan Daniels
  • Francois-Xavier De Ruydts
  • Louise Deschamps
  • Maxime Desmons
  • Paula Devonshire
  • Tammy-Lynne Elder
  • Daniel Foreman
  • Sarah Fox
  • Samuel Gagnon
  • Courtney Graham
  • Marie-France Guerrette
  • Karen Hawes
  • Kat Kelly Hayduk
  • Robin Hays
  • Anne Heubi
  • Jennifer Holness
  • Victoria Jaenig
  • Svjetlana Jaklenec
  • Kathleen Jayme
  • Melanie Jones
  • Winnifred Jong
  • Benjamin Kicknosway
  • Kirsten Lankester
  • Genevieve Lavoie
  • Rennata Lopez
  • Emilie Martel
  • Yasmine Mathurin
  • Vanessa Matsui
  • Ashley Matt
  • Gail Maurice
  • Elizabeth Melanson
  • Angelica Mendizabal
  • Rebekah Miskin
  • Jordan Molaro
  • Emilie Moorhouse
  • Justin Neal
  • Kyle Nobess
  • Ayana O'Shun
  • Emily Paige
  • Murry Peeters
  • Marie-Ève Perron
  • Marie-Claude Poulin
  • Elyne Quan
  • Alexandre Riendeau
  • Leah Rifkin
  • Susanne Ritzau
  • Pieter Romer
  • Nikki Saltz
  • Tamara Scherbak
  • Michaella Shannon
  • Paul Stoica
  • Eva Thomas
  • Francois Tremblay
  • Kristel Viduka
  • Jay Villeneuve
  • Darcy Waite
  • Ryan Wilson
  • Brandy Yanchyk

About the program:

The Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative will jumpstart and accelerate the careers of up to 100 participants at BANFF 2019 by providing full registration access to the festival, a bespoke professional development curriculum plus access to networking opportunities with key industry buyers.

In addition, a sub-group of twenty-five (25) of the program applicants will be selected to take part in the Diversity of Voices Pitch Program where they will receive personalized advice from high-profile industry mentors and take pitch meetings with international buyers at BANFF in addition to receiving a stipend to defray travel costs.

"Life changing. What I learned and who I met in such a short period of time was amazing." Joy Haskell, Writer/Director/Producer

"I didn’t realize how much I wanted to write for TV until I was at BANFF and I wouldn’t have been able to have that realization had it not been for the DoV Pitch Program." Ana-Marija Stojic, Creator/Comedian

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